When you join Site Rocket its a partnership, not a one off sale where we forget who you are. In our partnership we will support you and your business needs to ensure your website is always performing to the best it possibly can. Depending on your website and business, we have many pillars in place to support your needs.

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Generally siterocket sites take 5 weeks from the time we get the content from you (unless you have purchased the content add-on) to finish.  Week 1 we’re setting up and designing your site. In week 2 we give you 7 days to review the design and make recommendations for changes. In week 3 we’re building, doing all of the coding and development. We will then give you another 7 days to check it out and give feedback. The final week is for optimising and setting the website live. 

Yes, all the websites we design are made responsive. This means your website makes use of flexible layouts and images. Our websites detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.

Yes, all our websites are hosted on the most secure web servers. Your website will also have an SSL certificate to keep you and your customers information safe.

On most of our pricing plans, monthly website reporting is included. This will tell you who’s visiting and where they are going on your website.

With any website you need a domain name so people can find your website. If you already have one, we can put your new website on this domain. If you need help purchasing a domain we can help you with that.

With any website you need hosting, otherwise your website won’t be online. 

Think of it as your property, if your domain name is your address, and your website is your house, then the hosting is the piece of land your house sits on. Every website or online service needs hosting.

If you already have hosting, we can send you the website files for you to upload to your servers. Otherwise you will need to add hosting to your subscription plan.

No. Site Rocket will look after all your software updates on the website. Just like your mobile phone, websites need software updates to keep them working properly and safe from unwanted visitors.

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If you need help with your website, or have questions around what’s involved or included, please feel free to get in touch.

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